The “Donate Direct” DAO (Short Version)

Donate directly to a specific Ukrainian family

Luca De Giglio (Tripluca)
3 min readMar 10, 2022


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I am launching a DAO to bring relief to Ukrainian refugees in Eastern Europe.
I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I’ve just been at the Romanian border to collect a mother and a son who just go out of Ukraine.

Here they are, a few days later, safe in Sofia.

A few pictures from the trip at the Ukrainian border:

The conference room at the Hotel Mandachi, transformed in welcoming area.
Kid’s area


The “Donate Direct” is a transparent, crypto-first initiative.
Your money goes to a specific family, not to an organization.


You can donate ANY amount directly in the safe


Your Donation

I will give the money to a specific family, take a picture and publish it on my Twitter account.

You will see exactly where your money went.

How to Donate

👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Please send ETH to the Safe here below

You can donate ANY amount directly in the safe


In most cases, I will aggregate some donations towards one family.
So you will be donating to a family together with other people.

Or, if you mint more than what I give to one family, I’ll share with more people.

Generally, I think $1200 (1000 Euro) per family, is reasonable.

The report

After giving away some money, I will take a picture as a proof with the receiver signature.
If you see your address (0x..df) or ENS (like Tripluca.eth), you’ll know you received your donation.

If you have an ENS domain, I’ll write:

0.1 ETH donated by John.eth to the Adamovich family”.

If not, it will look like:

0.1 ETH donated by 0x2B575be0Ed84aF8590461a6400C7429cF67f5fc1 to the Adamovich family”.

I’ll also publish a picture and the Etherscan transaction towards them (if not done with Fiat).

I’ll publish each one on Twitter and this will act both as a proof and has a public thank you for your donation.

If they want, I will ask them to share their story, where they come from, where they are going, what they need and so on.

After that, I will also share the contacts (email or social network handles) of the people who receive the donation, so you can get in touch directly.
Maybe you’ll want to help them more, or just know how things are going, and you can do this out of the DAO structure.
Possibly some other people will want to reach them out and help.

We’ll be thus creating a bridge with these people.


There will be some ETH gas expenses, and other small things I can’t predict.
I won’t obviously pay my self.

(Full version of the article)


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