The “Donate Direct” DAO

A kid drawing at the Mandachi hotel in Suceava, Romania

The “Donate Direct” DAO

Me in Thailand, after the Tsunami
Khlụ̄̀n’s mum showing the envelope with the donations


After a long journey under the snow, a night in Bucharest and passing through Transylvania, we made it to the border and met them.

The conference room at the Hotel Mandachi, transformed in welcoming area.
Clothes for those who need them
Kid’s area
This family arrived when I was in bed already. They looked lost.
Mother and son, sleeping close to me
She brought her pet with her
Me after a long night


The “Donate Direct” is a transparent, crypto-first initiative.
You can see how much I raised, and who got the money.

1) The money goes in a GNOSIS Safe

2) Mint an NFT < SUSPENDED


3) Your Donation

If you mint one NFT, I will give them to a specific family, take a picture and publish it on my Twitter account.

How to Donate


4) The report

After giving away some money, I will take a picture as a proof with the receiver signature.
If you see your address (0x..df) or ENS (like Tripluca.eth), you’ll know you received your donation.

5) Expenses

There will be some ETH gas expenses, and other small things I can’t predict.
I won’t obviously pay my self.

6) If you want to help

I want to keep it simple and fast, and it will happen even if I don’t get help.

  • Bookkeeping: If you can keep track of all money coming in and getting out, it would be a huge help.
  • Social Media: we may open a Twitter account/ TG group if someone wants to take care of it.
  • Design: a logo would be nice.
  • Direct support: some people will be unbanked, so they may need help with setting up wallets, CEXs or crypto-based cards.
  • Italian translations: replicating all this for the Italian community would be great.

Final Thoughts

If the people fleeing are Russians, Indians or from any other nationality, I will still donate.



I’m Luca De Giglio



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