Learn how to set up a Metasmask wallet on your browser and receive a Trips Complementary NFT

⏱️ 10 minutes | 🎓 Easy | 🥱 Not Fun (let’s be honest)

This wolf will be with you for the next decade or so.

Desktop Browser Installation

We recommend using a computer, not a phone

Go to the official MetaMask website to download the browser extension. At the time of writing this article, the supported browsers are:

Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

🎁 A present, a memory, a channel for future direct bookings

See this NFT on OpenSea (NFT created by SurfTranquille)

The Trips Complimentary NFT

NFTs can be a great way to create a direct contact with your guests and add a powerful tool to your direct bookings arsenal.

When you give an NFT, you receive something back: a wallet address.
It may seem nothing, but it’s actually very valuable because it is like an email address with a transparent IBAN account attached to it.

By spreading NFTs around we are creating a new land, opposed to the closed OTAs (*) gardens, on which all of us can finally transact directly.

* OTAs = Online Travel Agencies like Booking or Airbnb

The process is pretty…

If you are a professional in the Travel industry, you can claim 100 free Trips.

Get 100 shiny digital Trips (no real physical tokens have been harmed in this movie)

⌛ 1st of July 2021: Event ENDED! See you next time!

The Trips tokens are a very efficient coordination mechanism amongst people in the Travel industry.
The more people have them, the more they are valuable.

I know it may be counterintuitive for some, but that’s how it is.

So, from today we will send 100 Trips (about $11 at today’s prices) to any travel professional who requires them.

You need to:

1) Fill in this quick form and add a “professional email address” (i.e. with a travel-related domain name) and an Ethereum address.

2) Send an email with subject…

Esperimento Numero 2: La prima prenotazione via NFT in Italia

“Vorrei comprarlo ma ho solo Dogecoin”
George Cloonwei


Stiamo mettendo sul mercato una seconda prenotazione via NFT.

L’obiettivo è di fare ulteriore di esperienza e raccogliere dati sulle potenzialità di questa tecnologia nel mondo delle prenotazioni.
Il gestore della villa è RentAllComo di Simone Majeli, un amico, una figura ben nota nello spazio STR, e il futuro re degli NFT sul lago di Como.

Experiment 2: the first NFT booking in Italian history

“I wish I could buy it but I only own Doge coins”
George Cloonwei


We are putting a second NFT booking on the market
(here’s the first one) with the aim to collect some more experience and data on the potential of this technology in the travel space.

The manager of the villa is RentAllComo of Simone Majeli, a friend; a well known figure in the STR space, and the future NFT king of Como.

Data and thoughts about the experiment

Let’s see what we got

🎉 So, we sold the first booking via NFT.

😱 I have to admit it was a close call and a couple of days before the end I started to think we wouldn’t make it.

🦍 The power of the crypto coordination, a force to reckon with in the next decades, saved the day.

(am I using too many emojis? I just realized they can add some depth, kindly indulge me for a while)

As stated this is just an experiment and the main reason (other than being the first in the world to do it and brag about it…

Just as back in the 2000s, an easy-to-learn technology puts you ahead of the 99%

What people think getting in crypto looks like…

The Uber Guru of the Short Term Rentals Industry jumps in Web3

Simon Lehmann is one of the main, if not the main, thought leaders in our industry.

  • CEO / Co-Founder of AJL Atelier, a Swiss consultancy firm with a stellar track record of helping the big players in the industry.
  • Co-founder and chairman of Vacasa Europe.
  • Former President of Phocuswright.
  • Former member of the board of Homeaway.
  • Former CEO of Interhome.

And many more important positions as you can see in his Linkedin profile.

Simon is also a constant presence in all international conferences, in fact I don’t remember being at one where he was not present in some panel.


Un momento storico?

A meno di 48 ore dalla fine dell’asta, abbiamo avuto un’offerta!

🎉 In pratica abbiamo venduto l’NFT!🎉

L’ospite è un cliente abituale di MyIbiza.Estate (i gestori italiani della villa) che ha sentito parlare dell’NFT e ha deciso di prenotare utilizzando questa nuova tecnologia esotica.

Non conoscendo le cripto (come il 99% delle persone normali) ha chiesto se poteva pagare in vecchi cari euro.

“Perché no?”, ha detto Carlo.

Così ha incassato gli Euro (con grande gioia della Lagarde) e ha proceduto a fare un’offerta alla NFT a nome dell’ospite.

Luca De Giglio (Tripluca)

Constantly Seeking Innovation in Travel

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