Still Experimenting Before the Wave

Greetings from a future project launch

Open source text based NFTs as a building block for Web3 Marketing 👀

So, traveler, you like old towns, climbing, the Taj Mahal and traveling by bus? Your friends say you are wise? And you speak English? 2… what? You are a head of growth, like to stay in apartments and own a notebook?

Learn how to set up a Metasmask wallet on your browser and receive a Trips Complementary NFT

This wolf will be with you for the next decade or so.

Desktop Browser Installation

🎁 A present, a memory, a channel for future direct bookings

See this NFT on OpenSea (NFT created by SurfTranquille)

The Trips Complimentary NFT

If you are a professional in the Travel industry, you can claim 100 free Trips.

Get 100 shiny digital Trips (no real physical tokens have been harmed in this movie)

Luca De Giglio (Tripluca)

Constantly Seeking Innovation in Travel

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